Saturday, 28 July 2007

PC ?... PO!

I realise that animal skin rugs are not to every one's taste. I accept and respect that. What I do not accept or respect is the smug attitude of the politically correct brigade and their pat regurgitated response of " I prefer it on the animal", inevitably delivered in an insidious and whining manner.
Do people who speak like this honestly think they sound original and clever? Have they ever sounded original or clever? No, given their general appearance and demeanour, I don't imagine they have ever been or are ever likely to be mistaken for either. My response to these individuals is and has always been that of a wry smile and a polite 'hmm'. What else can one do without engaging them in conversation (too unbearable) or being deliberately rude (too easy) ?
Well, I have had enough.
Thanks to two particularly repellent denizens of Leeds, from here on in it is open season on the PC brigade and their drivel. This war of attrition is over. Like Maeve Brennan, I too, "have a tongue that can clip a hedge". Now, even though it may be akin to breaking a butterfly on a wheel, I am prepared and willing to use it unreservedly.


katiedid said...

Of course no one wants to see endangered animal skins. But I say, what is wrong with a hide that is being used from an over-abundant species that is being culled for the health of the herd?!?! What would be done with the hide otherwise? Land fill no doubt.

HOBAC said...

Hello katiedid - All I am asking for is an informed and considered opinion - not just relating to this but with everything. Haven't we had enough of individuals who follow dogma blindly?

Patricia Gray said...

Here, here I am in full agreement!

HOBAC said...

Thanks Patricia!