Monday, 18 May 2009

A surrealist by default

Leonor Fini (1908-1996)

Leonor was like no other woman, like no other human, or other species for that matter. Hers was a natural allure and distinguished bearing. Then too, she was intelligent in ways that only she could be - Arlette Souhami, Galerie Minsky

Douceur, 1960
Watercolour on paper

L'Infante, 1978
India ink, lavis and gouache

Hélène, 1985-86
Watercolour, India ink, and lavis on paper

From Portrait of an Artist: Leonor Fini by Chris Vermorcken, 1987

A woman should live with two men; one more a lover and the other more a friend - Leonor Fini

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An Aesthete's Lament said...

I have to find somewhere a scrap of wallpaper in my files designed by Fini and send you a JPG of it. She was extraordinary.

Jill said...

LOVE may also be interested in Remedios Varo.

david john said...

shes amazing! great clip off of you tube...

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Thank you. I never knew enough about Fini and will be more alert now.
Great watercolour technique and I love her painting overall!