Monday, 21 September 2009


Flora Sissy Goforth is our mystery chatelaine.

Played to the absolute hilt by Elizabeth Taylor in Tennessee Williams's film adaptation of his play The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore (1963) entitled Boom! (1968). Appearing along side Miss Taylor are Richard Burton, Noel Coward (pictured above in his role as the Witch of Capri), and Joanna Shimkus.

The ravishing sets were created by the very talented Richard MacDonald, who had also previously worked with the film's director Joseph Losey.

While not generally well received in its own time, perhaps Boom!'s time has finally come. Perhaps this time as an opera.

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mamacita said...

Now I know what my life has felt incomplete: I don't even own a headdress.

HOBAC said...

M - really? They are practically a free gift with purchase round here.

little augury said...

Always able to rock Headdresses & Tenn.Williams as well. GT

Debra Healy said...

Dripping Bulgari with a bit of Lagerfeld, what a treat. Thanks for the memories.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

And Alexandre was responsible for milady's intergalactic headgear, I think, as well as her other coiffures in the movie. It is such an awful, wonderful, mesmerizing movie. And Taylor played Sissy Goforth quite past the hilt, wouldn't you say?

maison21 said...

that's crazy- why have i never heard of this? please tell me the headdress made of daisies and cigarettes dipped in glitter, as well as miss taylor's bouffant avec ponytail, are both prominently featured throughout the film.

terrifying and splendid- but is it even watchable beyond the crazy opening sequence? do i need to search it out, or have you given me the best it has to offer?

HOBAC said...

M21 - It is fabulous in that car wreck kind of way. If given a choice between being bored to death by the likes of "Coco, Avant Chanel" (seriously, I could have opened a vein) and sitting through this thinking "NO?!?", I'd sooo much rather sit through this.

Watch it, you will love the "guest" room!