Sunday, 19 August 2007

Happy Birthday Mae West

On August 17th Mae West would have been 114 years old.

Her play, Sextette (1961), was made into a film in 1978 with her in the starring role of Marlo Manners; she was then 85.

A ridiculously camp cult classic.


Patricia Gray said...

Wow at 85 Mae West still sizzled!A completly one of a kind!

franki durbin said...

She reminds me so much of Madeline Kahn with her moxie. But 85? Unbelievable. Seems to me I need to turn up the volume on my life. LOL!

"all this meat and no potatoes" - ha!

Mae West NYC said...

Hard to believe that a Japanese woman who just died at age 114 was actually born 8 months before Mae West in 1893. Great to see this clip from "Sextette" - - thank you.
Come up and see MAE - - - - every day!

HOBAC said...

mae west nyc - fascinating site, thanks for stopping by.

franki and patricia - wasn't she amazing ?!