Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A nation of shopkeepers, oh my...

Our little concern at Portobello Road, Natural History, has been named by a certain shoe designer as her favourite shop in London.
Evidently these images, which I sent to The Telegraph's Stella Magazine, will appear in the piece they have done on said designer.
Oh who, oh who, could the designer be ?
I'll give you three guesses.
No, I kid you not, it is none other than the Philistine.
Just goes to prove you can't keep a good bitch down.*
Now, I feel dirty and soiled.
I who will not sell to or buy from anyone I do not like - have I become just another glory whore ?

*a quote from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


Patricia Gray said...

I like your sense of humour and wit.
Great way to get your point across.

Cote de Texas said...

ok, 1. We DESERVE to read the article. Do you have a copy or a url? 2. What label shoes does she design, or is it some funky Vietnamese shoe company with her name on it? 3. How long are you, a fabulous interior designer, going to let some ridiculous little knat keep you down?

I LOVE you!!!! (whoever you are)

HOBAC said...

Patricia - thank you, it is funny!

Joni - I'm starting to think you like a little drama. lol.
1) I will post the article, which comes out on Sunday, if only for you. (2) Now that would be telling - and could get me served with a "notice to desist", that would make for interesting reading though. (3) I think it is all just too hilarious - my rapacious desire for success is always in conflict with my "high horse".
ALWAYS love hearing from you!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I love you blog - always - but these are becoming a highlight. I, too, want to see the article. Don't forget, every good super hero has a nemisis.

HOBAC said...

I must admit I love the sparring - I think her husband has told her about my incarnation as HOBAC. And since she is the type who must have the last word - we could be at this for a very long, long time.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh my. Just looking at those pictures, I think that might be my very favorite store in the world, too.

HOBAC said...

Welcome back maryam in marrakesh - thank you.
We are, kidding aside, very proud of it.
Hope all is going well with the guest house.

Layer Cake said...

Oh my...the excitement going on over there! I will of course read the article the second you post the link. When I saw that asterisk, though no connection to MY personal philistine, well, it felt like it all tied to together. ;) And, where is that dog in the dome?! That wasn't there when I was! I want that HOBAC! AHHHHHH! I want it now!

Pigtown-Design said...

Ahhhh... you named the name... now it's my turn. Mark Bower.

I think I can get the Sunday Times a couple of days later... will have to make the effort.

katiedid said...

So she must be well known enough to get a write up, no? Hmmm. I am very curious. I am looking forward to seeing that article. Don't forget!

No matter the circumstances, at least she is well informed enough to recognize brilliance when she sees it. Your shop is wonderful!

HOBAC said...

Cupcake - I know, ooh. We'll talk when you get back. Ooh!

Fairfax - is he from...Boston? sounds familiar...hmm

Katiedid - I guess she is what one could call up and coming, ha!
Thank you - pleased you think so.