Friday, 24 April 2009

More ways to waste time

Housewife, 49 (2006)
Written by and starring Victoria Wood with David Threlfall, Stephanie Cole, Christopher Harper, Ben Crompton, and Lorraine Ashbourne.

Based on the wartime diaries of Nella Last. The diary, originally part of the Mass-Observation project to document the lives of ordinary people (in this case, a housewife aged 49), was first published in 1981.

This is not the war of the newsreels - it's about tiny domestic difficulties, chilly church halls, lumpy custards. And Nella is fighting her own war, one that she hopes will end in liberation. - Victoria Wood

Available in 9 parts on youtube, here.

Nella Last's War: The Second World War Diaries of Housewife, 49

Nella Last's Peace: The Post-War Diaries Of Housewife, 49

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Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Just watched this not long ago; lovely. That's rather a one-two punch: Housewife 49 and Maude!