Friday, 26 March 2010

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Chumlum, 1963-64 by Ron Rice
© Light Cone

Invocations and Evocations: Queer and Surreal

Friday 26 March – Monday 29 March 2010

Featuring the first public screening of Derek Jarman’s long lost and recently rediscovered first film, Electric Fairy (1971), this special series at Tate Modern will provide a form of invocation where the tangled threads of surrealism and queer experimental cinema, exemplified by Jarman, Kenneth Anger, Joseph Cornell, George Kuchar, Marie Menken and many others, will be reflected from the projector’s blinding beam.
Surrealism began as a brotherhood experimenting with trance states, games of chance and research into the world of the marvellous. One of their games was the act of invocation – calling forth forgotten or buried figures: famous or notorious. Although the surrealists’ social politics initially included a virulent strain of homophobia, the thread woven by André Breton and his peers can be followed into the labyrinth of queer practice throughout the twentieth century and beyond.
Curated by James Boaden, Stuart Comer, Ed Halter, Jonathan Katz and Juan A. Suárez.

Two of the films included in the programme available on DVD:

Avery Danziger's Edward James: Builder of Dreams (1995)

James Bidgood
's (a fact not widely known until the mid-90s) cult classic Pink Narcissus (1971)


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Blue said...

I remember Kenneth Angers movies when I was in college the first time around and oddly enough only the other day I thought about them again. Makes me wish I were in London to see these films. said...

I love the peacock imagery.

Kevin said...

Heavens is right! I remember Pink Narcissus from a film festival at UVA around 1999.

Thombeau said...

OMG, I also hung out with Peter Murphy back in the 90's. He put me on his guest list!

You are totally freaking me out.

(BTW, I absolutely ADORE Bidgood and his boys. Where would Pierre et Gilles be without them?)