Thursday, 6 May 2010

Once lost, now found

Pink Flowers, Water Colors, (Jay Garvin) by James Bidgood

Necessity was the mother of invention for Bidgood, who created elaborate photographic tableaux in his small midtown Manhattan studio apartment. His first erotic series was an underwater epic called Water Colors, made in the early 1960s, in which he used a dancer from Club 82 named Jay Garvin as his subject. The underwater atmosphere is completely fabricated; the bottom of the ocean was created with silver lame spread across the floor of Bidgood's apartment; he made the arch of a cave out of waxed paper, and fashioned red lame into the shape of a lobster. He coated Garvin with mineral oil and pasted glitter and sequins to his skin so the silver fabric under photographic lights would reflect on his body like water. For weeks at a time, Bigood would eat and sleep within the sets he constructed in his apartment. - Off to Camp: The Photographs of James Bidgood, Aperture

James Bidgood by Bruce Benderson

James Bidgood is represented by CLAMPART

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victoria thorne said...

"we should feel guilt-ridden that we ignore the man on the street..." [what gorgeous souls are here!]

david john said...

thanks for posting this!

Thombeau said...

Bidgood is definitely a favorite!