Monday, 3 September 2007

Moody Design

Today my horoscope read :
This particular astrological time period should come with a mandatory warning label to be worn by the temporary purveyor of said energy until the effects have passed. What might that label read? 'For your own safety, avoid irritating me -- and if you do, hide the scissors.
An understatement if there ever was one.

Stills from Blade Runner.

Is this less than charming mood responsible for the post-apocalypse look that I am contemplating for a new project ?
Possibly, but more likely it is an attempt to capture the mood of the mid 1980s.
I am of course speaking of the underground 80s, as reflected in the works of such film makers as Slava Tsukerman, Peter Greenaway, and Derek Jarman - not the vulgar hyper bourgeois 80s.
My vision is that of the world as seen through Jarman's lens -brutally barren, yet lush in its details. Details which are aggressively challenging both visually and intellectually.

Film posters for Derek Jarman's Jubilee

Chairs by Ron Arad

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