Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Neo-Trendsetter

Sofa by Artisticframe@1stdibs

Furnishings and art by Fat Chance

Upon first encountering this group one is immediately taken with how generically attractive they are. Usually in their early 30s with very well paid, but inessential and inconsequential careers. Though bright they are not particularly clever. What they lack in cerebral matter they can more than compensate for with superficial charm. They are from good, earnest, but unfortunately uninteresting stock. Though they have been on exotic holidays, they have never really traveled. They may wear the latest designer clothes, but they have no understanding of bespoke. Labels they understand; craftsmanship escapes them. They buy bookcases not for books, but for audio-visual paraphernalia. They are happily and ignorantly ordinary; not unlike their choices.

Their look is only superficially similar to the above selection, and certainly would not be as informed or of the same quality.


katiedid said...

Oh do press on with all of the others! I work with and for many of this catagory. As a matter of fact, I think that many young Amercians are probably viewed this way thanks to our wonderful television programming.I am curious if I fit any of the other catagories, although does anyone really fit just one?

HOBAC said...

Hello Katiedid- I will. I think there is a punch line to all of this. Ha!