Friday, 7 September 2007

The times they are a changin'

Ron Arad's Misfits Seating for Moroso

Karim Rashid's Koochy Sofa for Zanotta

Zaha Hadid's Moon System for B&B Italia

The three designers cited above have not been restricted either by geographical or intellectual boundaries. Though the designs are not revolutionary they are certainly not derivative, and are therefor original and worthy of note. Interestingly, all of these designs are produced by Italian companies.
Though these are atypical of what I would normally choose, I like their boldness of form and admire the concepts behind them. As I mentioned in Moody Design I am looking for something with a post-apocalypse feel and I think in the correct material any of these would work beautifully. I do, however, have a preference for the new Zaha Hadid design - it is the closest to what I had envisioned.


Patricia Gray said...

I am a fan of most of B & B Italia's furniture. There is alot of good contemporary design coming out of Italy. And the Netherlands is producing some very interesting products. I find it all very refreshing.

HOBAC said...

Hello Patricia - I just wish I could embrace the contruction/materials as readily as the design.