Thursday, 13 December 2007

Those aren't Christmas lights, are they ?

Image from the Telegraph's The taxing issue of congestion

No, they are tail lights. Traffic is twice as heavy as normal. Not only because of the added holiday shoppers, but also because there are road works everywhere. That means in order to get anywhere in a timely fashion it is advisable to take the underground. I have lived in New York and Paris, two cities renowned for their public transport. I have never been on either the subway or the metro. Ah, but the underground, that I have been on. Who ever said death is a great leveler never took the underground.
This evening I was treated to the sight of a young man with doughy hands eating a sandwich all the while wearing gym shorts and a grey anorak. It was about 50 degrees outside today. But, that was not what I found disconcerting. He could freeze for all I care. We were in the middle of the City (London's financial district). The City. All I could think was, what a lucky girl she is, who ever she may be. Poor cow.

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Layer Cake said...

Ha ha! Hilarious! I picture him perfectly in my head. Only in my personal experience he falls all over me while the underground moves, touching me with his doughy naked legs and dripping sandwich fixin's all over me. Gag.

HOBAC said...

Hi you - Eeeew. As it was, I was hoping he would choke.
I think my driver is going to have to suffer the traffic after all.

The Peak of Chic said...

The last time I took the underground I was stuck in a crowd of drunk, rowdy football fans who reeked of alcohol. No fun.

Pigtown-Design said...

Bloody noisy Americans... Heard the announcer on the tube got sacked because of a remark like that.

HOBAC said...

PoC - Ah, football supporters another favourite subspecies of mine.

Fairfax - that is funny. Have not heard of that one. I don't think it shoud be an offence if it's true. Ha!

Patricia Gray said...

Too funny or is it "Too Tragic"?

HOBAC said...

PG - too tragic.

Things That Inspire said...

AH, the underground. I prefer the buses. I have spent quite a bit of time in London during the summer, and as a spoiled American (from the South US), I can barely tolerate any place that does not have air conditioning. The underground does not have a/c! However, neither did my flat.

This post made my day! I could just imagine it.

HOBAC said...

TTI - air conditioning, I have heard tell of this strange new invention, but have seldom experienced it here. Ha!