Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Back to pretty and nice

Viennese Trees


Spiral Willow

Well, as pretty and nice as it can be in these hands...

Adelphi Paper Hangings has launched a new range, the Early-Twentieth Century Collection, drawing inspiration from the Wiener Werkstätte and the French Moderne movements. Sourced not only from their own comprehensive archives, but also from the archives of the Cooper-Hewitt and the Smithsonian.
The new collection is typified by the more organic motifs and bolder colour combinations prevalent at the beginning of the past century.

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Cote de Texas said...

Aw - pretty and nice? Truthfully, I rather enjoy your Miss Manners missives myself.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I'm still wrestling with wallpapering. One moment I'm all for it, the next terrified by the prospect. These, of course, fit right in with the reigning aesthetic here in the house.

And then I see the oriental stuff from de Gournay...

Must be the Gemini in me coming out.

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

E&EL -I think the secret is to commit and layer. One bold pattern can be overwhelming, two or three can create a balance.