Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Señor Strack, porqué no México?

Sunstone - fragment

by Octavio Paz

willow of crystal, a poplar of water,
a pillar of fountain by the wind drawn over,
tree that is firmly rooted and that dances,
turning course of a river that goes curving,
advances and retreats, goes roundabout,
arriving forever:
the calm course of a star
or the spring, appearing without urgency,
water behind a stillness of closed eyelids
flowing all night and pouring out prophecies,
a single presence in the procession of waves
wave over wave until all is overlapped,
in a green sovereignty without decline
a bright hallucination of many wings
when they all open at the height of the sky...

Piedra del Sol

The book, Chic by Accident by Emmanuel Picault, forward by Philippe Strack.

Chic by Accident is no accident, but a carefully chosen selection of Mexican design of the 20th century, and just about anything else we find of great style.. Great style indeed. Everything, from the papier mache skull (I have always loved the imagery of El Dia de los Muertos) to the furnitures of Don Shoemaker, is visually striking to say the least.

It is all that and more--a furniture and object store in la colonia Roma, at the heart of the starkly divided Mexico City, and the home of the exceptional antique dealer and design mastermind Emmanuel Picault. -

Chic by Accident could not have been created anywhere else but in México. Nowhere else has that particular blend of severity, history, and passion. Que maravillosa!

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An Aesthete's Lament said...

Many thanks for this post ... have been studying the website for hours now ...

Paul Pincus said...

Chic by Accident sounds very, very interesting. I will also check out the V&A title you mentioned. Thanks much!

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Oh I'm so glad you both liked it. I was just mesmerised.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I know you are not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but the title is fantastic.

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

BA - if the website is anything to go by, it should be wonderful.)