Thursday, 1 May 2008

Fête du Muguet

Convallaria majalis 'Fortins' Giant'

This elegant majolica ribbon plate has a yellow background with raised white lily-of-the-valley. The center of the plate has a flower shape made of green leaves.

Square Cachepot, c.1870

No list about classic perfumes embodying the yearning for spring would be complete without Diorissimo by Dior. Composed by master-perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in 1956 it remains a central reference as the lily-of-the-valley fragrance that has come to embody the very spirit of spring for generations of wearers -
The Scented Salamander

On May Day in France it is tradition to give loved ones a nosegay of muguet for good luck. When not in France, one need not be too literal as muguet can be quite difficult to find.

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Easy and Elegant Life said...

I had thought to go with roses for the table for this weekend.. (The Derby and all), but I think that Lily of the Valley would make an elegant centerpiece for my non-Derby dinner party. Thanks! (Still vying for sunflowers for the outdoor table....)

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

E&EL - they also look so smart in their terracotta pots.

Pigtown-Design said...

We had a little "grove" of these at the house where I grew up... my mother had a selection of small vases for them. Love the scent!

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

fairfax - they are among my favourites. The scent is divine. I always have some in old pots to bring inside.

Olga Granda-Scott said...

I love this Villeroy and Boch plate...I have some with a mauve colored background that I recently used for a museum exhibit, you can see them on my blog. Fun to see it in other colors. I have the set of five for case anyone is interested. Thanks for sharing. Olga