Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Chez Grimaldi

The black and white floor is the original linoleum from the 1940s.

The entrance hall with its jungle red striped paper.

The apple green glazed walls of the living room are given an extra punch with yellow curtains.

The eighteenth-century Portuguese chairs covered in a faux painted silk taffeta were once the property of Gloria Vanderbilt.

The master bedroom with its Rose Cumming Directoire Star wallpaper.

The guest room dressed in a Rose Cumming glazed chintz, Sussex.

Ronald A. Grimaldi's apartment, Grand Flourishes, as it appeared in the April issue of House & Garden, 1999.

In well-bred rooms, nothing should look cheated or skimpy. Rooms should have an ample quality to them, and they should look lived in. - Ronald Grimaldi, as told to Carol Vogel of The New York Times in a 1986 interview.
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Mélanie said...

I love her green tufted soffa ! Looks so glamour

HOBAC said...

Bonjour Melanie - isn't it fab? So comfortable looking.

Toby Worthington said...

That slope-backed tufted sofa was made by a distinguished firm in New York called DeAngelis, and I had the privilege of sitting upon it in Ronnie Grimaldi's previous apartment, when it was covered in a creamy apricot strie silk. Truly, it is one of the most comfortable sofas in existence, and for all its opulence it is really quite un-fussy.
Thanks for posting these reminders of a very individual approach to interior decoration.