Thursday, 5 June 2008

Part 1 : Why are the houses of fashion designers sexier than those of interior designers?

Decorno asked this question, which I have paraphrased, in her post Saw this book at the store yesterday...

An interesting observation, I thought. As I once was one and now I do the other, I thought I might proffer an answer.

The world of fashion is based on desire. A fearless desire to create a world of idealised beauty from a singular perspective. A perspective which is allowed to manifest itself from season to season demonstrating its varied inspirations.

The rue Cambon apartment of Coco Chanel.

Unfortunately the world of interiors is rooted in the mundane. There is no longer fantasy. Just spaces filled with what is deemed to be fashionable. True daring and style have been exchanged for respectability, acceptance, and accessibility. An inequitable exchange, in my opinion.

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An Aesthete's Lament said...



And we respect that opinion, it having been on both sides of the coin. I do know what you mean. I do feel the whimsical and daring and edgy is missing in favor of general accessibility.
Lisa & Alfie

Easy and Elegant Life said...

As my friend the architect says "we live in world that is all mink coats and no manners." I'm afraid that mass luxury is responsible for the "democratization of taste." Not necessarily a good thing. What's the joke? "A fine institution. If you don't mind being institutionalized."