Friday, 31 October 2008

Fuego Del Ande

Yma Sumac in her role of Kori-Tica sings Ataypura in the 1954 film Secret of the Incas .



Yma Sumac (nee Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo) the Peruvian born beauty famous for her wide ranging vocal.

Her albums Mambo and Voice of the Xtabay are brilliant.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

I haven't thought about her in ages! I used to have several albums; now I'll have to update with the CDs.

John hopper said...

Thanks for that. Long time since I saw 'Secret of the Incas' and a long time since I've seen Yma Sumac.

The movie might have been a bit dodgy but Yma was always a star!