Sunday, 29 March 2009

More ways to waste time

It would be a crime not to explore the wealth that is Australian cinema. Each decade Australia manages to produce some of the most memorable films of the period (unfortunately the same cannot be said for its music). Along with the internationally well known Mad Max (1979) and the relatively little known, but highly acclaimed, Storm Boy (1976) these were the stars of the 70s:

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

Sunday Too Far Away (1975)

The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978)

My Brilliant Career (1979)

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little augury said...

HofB&C, thank you for adding me to your blog list, please check out my blog thank you now. G.

Karen said...

Hanging Rock is something of a cult film.. urban legend supposed to be based on fact but is pure fiction.. I like film and think that the students and teacher died in a massive rock slid,, another favorite is My Brilliant Career ,,,interesting post

Emily said...

Fascinating post. Thanks!