Sunday, 8 March 2009

To quote Addison DeWitt - you are too short for that gesture

The Daily Mail's Jan Moir on the Yves Saint Laurent bronzes -

The 18th-century bronze rat and rabbit heads sold at auction in Paris this week are stunning pieces of art.

Valued at £28million, the bronzes are now the subject of a diplomatic tug-of-war as Chinese authorities insist that they were looted in the last century. Never mind the international implications. For me, the bronzes sum up everything you need to know about the fashion industry. For they were previously owned by Yves St Laurent and displayed in the hall of his Parisian apartment.

Fashion designers make even bigger profits than bankers. What does that say about the real value of clothes? If only greed was so last century, too

This, coming from a woman who probably thinks of Jaeger as haute couture, is a little more than laughable. Perhaps, if she could find a coat and skirt that didn't make her look like a sausage her tune would be different.

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