Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The real House of Beauty & Culture

Originally the collaboration between shoe designer John Moore, fashion designer Christopher Nemeth and jewellery designer Judy Blame. Like gods, they fashioned their world, both collectively and respectively, in their own image.

A House of Beauty & Culture cropped white denim jacket, 1980s, the back inset with knitted panel Casa Vaselina together with a bracelet made from slivers of antler, by Judy Blame, with a pair of high-waisted black Demob trousers.

John Moore, London 1981

Legendary stylist and designer Judy Blame.

Detail of the sculpted style of Christopher Nemeth, who has long since decamped for life in Tokyo.

There is a lot of peer pressure today, that didn't exist before. There weren't any reality tv fashion shows back in 1981, to tell you what was cool. Popular opinion/taste is tyrannical. There is so much pressure to be cool today. Ultimately it is a marketing conspiracy . They are selling cool. It sells. And, there isn't anything necessarily wrong with it. Just acknowledge what it is though, and acknowledge there is a difference. What is today mostly isn't art though, it is fashion. There's a difference between what John Moore and people of his generation were doing back then, that really doesn't exist anymore. - from John More Defined a Generation by Joel Nikolaou

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little augury said...

love all the pants stylings- especially last- lower right. Would love to wear those anytime. I was 22 in 81- I can't remember what I wore- but those were good days. Too True on the commentary. la

Pigtown-Design said...

For those who wondered... here's the answer!

Paul Pincus said...

''I always threw money on the floor,'' he said.

i LOVED this post!

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I have never even heard of this! Am enraptured.

HOBAC said...

AL - which reminds me, there is a plaid Westwood uses that is very similar to your Bermuda plaid.