Monday, 31 August 2009

Mise en scène

Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1948)
Art Direction by Perry Ferguson
Set Decoration by Howard Bristol and Emile Kuri

The perfect setting for any of the little dramas that life may dictate. Despite some of the department store furnishings, the set decoration is seamless and subtle without any of the jarring pops of colour that have now become so unnecessarily commonplace.

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An Aesthete's Lament said...

It is very peaceful. A little too bland for my taste (perhaps some glints of crystal and gilt would help) but a fine background. And excellent for focussing attention on the players rather than the surroundings.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

And the fabulous suits.

Julio said...

One of my favorite movies. Great story,setting and cast.

mamacita said...

Just the phrase, "pop of color," makes my hair stand on end.

little augury said...

I remember this one and would like to mount a Hitchcockfest soon. All of his follow this dictate, from a dictator, everything calculated. His women "pop" though. How about a post on those blondes. Anyway- I was struck by the 1st still it puts me in mind of HOBAC's own photograph a bit- for dramas? Now, after scrutinizing these stills I am cued in-the tea table "pops" la

soodie :: said...

The first time I saw this movie my nose was one inch away from the tv. The interiors captivated me -- calming and harmonizing. One of my favorite sets ever. Movie was scary.