Thursday, 20 August 2009

Speaking of Richardson

Richardson's library.

John Richardson interviewed in his New York loft by Charlie Rose.

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Linenqueen said...

Just finished watching the Charlie Rose interview with John Richardson. Stunningly interesting. My humble thanks to you for including it in your blog. Richardson's early exposure to Piccaso set the tone for his life. Aren't we lucky to have this person to listen to and read that experienced then and understands now the significance of what happened so many years ago. He was only 25 years old then and is 75 years old now. Ah, the prospective from 50 years later. Richardson not only documents a particular phase of art but allows his audience to see through the art to what lay beneath. We are all so much richer for this. Ann

the quarter rat said...

That is probably my favorite apartment in the world (along with BB's former one). So much so I keep a 10 year old copy of VF handy - guests sometime wonder why, until it falls open to the spread on his apt.

Glad you' re back, BTW.

Toby Worthington said...

HOBAC~ it's so good to have you back again.
You've been greatly missed.

Fairwood Haven said...

Nice to see you're back-!

Listened to every word of the interview with John Richardson by Charlie Rose-!

So much Enjoyed his first two books on Picasso - looking forward to number 3 and 4. Loved reading about this Gutsy Guy-!

Like Picasso said himself - there's no need to fully understand his Art - Enjoy it-!!

Thanks for this tape - you're much appreciated-!

Off the List said...

Fascinating interview though Rose a little irritating!

You may have spotted these:

Hodsoll, incidentally was one of Bennison' proteges.

SallyC said...

what a fabulous interview and what a great site you have - many thanks and I'll be watching constantly

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

dear hobac-

Thank you so much for this fantastic interview with Charlie Rose.
It is superb--and his loft in the background is fabulous beyond belief. I was especially interested when John Richardson mentioned that in the late 50s he and Douglas Cooper had recommended to Picasso that he puchase the CHATEAU DE VAUVENARGUES. I just visited this chateau, in June, and wrote about it on my blog, I think you might find it of interest.
The whole color palette of Richardson's loft--the greige and the taupe and ivory--is thrilling. His Picasso paintings are beyond. Such a treasure. I am sure I will watch it many times. A million thanks,

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Thanks for this. Can't imagine life without having seen it now. Charlie Rose's sanctioned nosiness (the way he rifled through JR's bedside reading!) and Richardson's engaging, witty, honest replies make you wanna find your own Picasso, your own Douglas Cooper, your own something or other NOW. PS Glad you came back.