Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fash. Ed. Supreme.

That was how Joanna Lumley's fashion editor character, Patsy Stone, in Absolutely Fabulous described her idol Grace Coddington.

Vogue's Grace Coddington
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With the release of The September Issue Coddington finds a new audience and confirms what those of a certain age already knew - she is genius.

Her 2002 opus Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

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pve design said...

When I worked in Fashion, I loved when the Fashion Editors came. It was like we were cleaning house and preparing for the Queen. Truly, Fashion Editors are the artists, the promotors and the producers of the Fashion Show's Future. I hope with the demise of so many magazines that there will be others bold enough to follow the footsteps. It is a grueling business, long hours, travel, and fighting for images.
Grace is amazing. I loved that she was a model first.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I remember seeing her photos when I was a youngster. I wanted to be her.

vicki archer said...

She is a genius...There is no doubt. xv

Jill said...

Love Grace, love AbFab...and a redhead!


I love Grace Coddington's work. Her photoshoots are hands down the BEST that appear in American Vogue, which, by the way, I have almost entirely stopped buying because it has become a celebrity magazine devoid of fantasy, hasn't it?

Also enjoyed her portrayal in The September Issue. She was clearly the star of the movie!