Monday, 18 February 2008

The girl next door

The Pickled Hutch
1605 Church Street at 28th Street

A treasure trove of bygones and delights

Finds for the garden

Love the awkwardness of the figure in this painting

That is, if your door is in San Francisco's Noe Valley. This shop, to me, is so quintessentially San Francisco. The San Francisco of Armstead Maupin's Tales of the City. The San Francisco before the Silicon Valley boom. The San Francisco before the Stud moved to 9th Street...
Shops like this, and their owners, should be encouraged and nurtured; especially in times like these.


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Carolina Eclectic said...

looks like a great shop. I really like the painting too.

Spoiled Spongecake said...

Oooooh, I'm going to San Francisco on Thursday...I'm going to go to this shop! I too miss the SF from my college days. It isn't even close to being like it was.

Lisa & Alfie at The Pickled Hutch said...

Thanks a million for the mention and kind words of support. By the way, I loved the Stud before it moved. It was a blast for everyone. Do you remember Earls?
Take care,
Lisa & Alfie

Pigtown-Design said...

This is the kind of shop I would love to have! Looks like a wonderful place!

The Peak of Chic said...

I'm heading out there soon to visit my sister, so I'll definitely visit it. Looks so charming!

Barbara said...

Great looking shop.Forever ago I lived extremely close to it.The Stud,Earls...were we ALL hanging together at 181 Eddy? Nine??

katiedid said...

I am going to have to pay her a visit soon!

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

You generously posted about my store awhile back. And now there is a big change happening. I just posted about it today. Please drop by if you have time.
Lisa & Alfie