Wednesday, 6 February 2008

House of Leigh

photographs by D. Jones and Tim Bauer

Leigh Bowery in his council flat, Farrell House, London. It may not have been salubrious, but it was certainly as original as its creator. How they managed not to get bashed coming and going I will never understand.

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Easy and Elegant Life said...

A bit unsettling.... but talk about completely embracing your aesthetic. That's commitment.

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

EaEA - Amazing what one can do without the Ikea type store and a vision. Decorating should be about what can be done as opposed to what can be bought, no?

Easy and Elegant Life said...

"Vision" is the operative word, HOBAC. Sometimes you have to keep your eyes open to possibilities. I have a friend who used to decorate his walls whenever the art students here graduated.... amazing what some people will throw out.