Sunday, 24 February 2008

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...

they walk into mine. The update.
If anyone had told me there would be an update, I would have never believed them.

Just when I thought the weekend would conclude without incident. I get an email. An email from the Doctor's Wife:

I just happened upon your blog re my return of the rhinoceros hornbill skull. I DO have one, in addition to many other hornbill skulls, and did not purchase another for a lesser price elsewhere. We did say we would pick up our money and naively thought how nice it was that you delivered it to our hotel.

I’m sorry you feel this way, especially since I was so enthusiastic about visiting your shop and looked forward to seeing you again our next trip to London .

I understand we have a mutual friend, (name deleted), an old and dear friend of my daughter, who has known me for over twenty-five years and will vouch for my integrity.

I apologize for incurring your anger – it was not intended.

Now, this has provided my other-half with grounds for, "You see, what did I tell you..." and a great deal of guffawing.
In spite of my initial glib remark of, "well at least she knows why I haven't responded to her previous email", I must admit I too see the funny side. I mean really, how in the hell could one just happen upon this? Evidently, by searching for Emma Hawkins at Dover Street Market on google.

My Grandmother used to also say, "Dear, one cannot be wrong, and strong." Clearly, my cynical scenario was wrong. However, I do take exception with the "naively thought how nice it was that you delivered it to our hotel" part. It was nice. In fact it was bloody nice. Though, at the time I was only concerned with doing the right thing. Hence the refund.

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