Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Have looked absolutely everywhere for this

This »Armenian paper« neutralises unpleasant smells from used ashtrays, frying fat, cat litter and such like. It is made by soaking the paper in a solution of incense resin and alcohol. This paper comes from a factory near Paris, belonging to the descendants of Auguste Ponsot - who first brought the idea from Armenia in 1885.
To use: Fold a strip of the paper concertina fashion, light it and then extinguish it immediately. It will slowly burn out and fill the room with the fragrance of incense. One book contains 36 strips.

Infinitely chicer than all those blasted candles. None of which seem to live up to (what are undoubtedly unrealistic) expectations.

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Pigtown-Design said...

I love the old-fashioned remedies like this...

And of course, I adore Bryan Ferry singing the classics.

cindy hotpoint said...

Oh, thank you! Found these once years ago at an apothecary in Austin, TX called Sabia and was never able to locate them again. It's true, they are very effective!

Mélanie said...

this is my favorite smell in my house / shop ...I love it