Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Dreaming of Oz

There is something inherently sophisticated and moving about Australian Aboriginal art.

Lot number: 202
Bark Painting of Fresh Water Turtle
Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
74 x 42
On the reverse in chalk it is attributed to Balir-Balir, Western Arnhem

Lot number: 201
Painting of Turtle
Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
81 x 69
Western Arnhem Land.
Provenance The John Henshaw Collection, John Henshaw was an art critic and one of the first representatives of Christies auction house in Australia.

Lot number: 122

Bark Painting Untitled
Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
60 x 41
Groote Eyelandt

Lot number: 190
Kangaroo Dreaming
Synthetic polymer paint on board
Billy Stockman
92 x 58 cm

Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, (b 1925) is one of Australia's most well-known artists of the Western Desert Art Movement, or Papunya Tula.
His mother was killed in the Coniston Massacre in 1928; his father was away from the camp hunting and survived. Billy was raised on Napperby Station by his aunt, the mother of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.

Lot number: 171

Tjikari 1976
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas board
Johnny Tjupurrula Warangkula, c1925 - c2001
60 x 45 cm
Papunya, Central Australia

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Easy and Elegant Life said...

Lot 190 should be celebrated. If for no other reason than its title and subject matter.

lady jicky said...

As a Australian, I wish the artists got more of a deal out of their work and not the galleries!

HOBAC said...

lady jicky - Alas, that is a universal dilemma. I did manage to find an Aboriginal co-operative run gallery Papunya Tula Art at http://www.papunyatula.com.au/