Monday, 8 October 2007

Miss Daisy, I presume

For my sixteenth birthday I received a fully restored black 1964 T-Bird (identical to the one below); a huge style statement for one so young, to be sure. Thankfully, I appreciated it as much then as I do now. I have owned five cars in my life and have managed to total four of them; not always my fault, I hasten to add. Car number three is not included on the wreckage list because I lost it in LA. For the life of me I could not remember where I had parked it. I'm sure that car was stolen; some might say rescued.

Despite my dismal record and the fact I am a terrible driver, I do love an old car. I love the 1964 T-Bird because it was the car from the old Perry Mason television drama; so unashamedly American. If we lived in the states I would have another one in a heartbeat.

The Citroen DS is one of the chicest cars ever made. Both of my Grandparents had one when we lived in Paris. My Grandfather's was black with a black interior and my Grandmother's was black with a red interior. So recherche. I do think, though, they are best suited to the Continent. Even with a driver, conducting one of those down the rat runs that pass for streets here in London would be just too harrowing.

The Morris Traveler, so English and so perfectly suited to life here. I love them.

And finally the Nissan Pao, just perfect in its retro styling. Though, I would only have a cream one. Not terribly butch, but far better than any new car out there. New cars are now just too vulgar, period.
Cars are like dogs they should be chosen because they match your nature and character. Some will be harder work than others, but ultimately your life will be far richer for having had them.
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Mrs. Blandings said...

Ok - see the red beauty behind the Morris Traveler? That's my dream car. I know, you might not like me now, but I can't help myself.

Pigtown-Design said...

WE had a morris oxford growing up in the states. my dad had it made with a left drive and had it shipped over to baltimore.

Calie Anderson said...

Ugh, I am in the process of buying a car. I haven't owned one in 7 years. Haven't needed one until now. I have to agree with you that cars are like dogs they should be chosen because they match your nature and character. It's hard to remember that when you have to consider reliability, affordability, and practicality. Plus most of the cars in the US are boring!

Layer Cake said...

I have a 1974 Mini Cooper right-hand drive imported from Britain. It was my dream car and I finally got it. It's short, stubby, tempermental, complains and moans a lot, doesn't start early in the morning and is nothing but trouble and has cost me thousands of dollars so far in repairs. Yes, it is EXACTLY like me! We were meant to be! ;) I LOVE that T-Bird! What a car for a 16 year old!