Thursday, 18 October 2007

To be or not to be?

I am not sure if Vivienne Westwood's manifesto of Active Resistance to Propaganda is the definitive answer, but it does seem like an interesting possibility and a good place to start. It has been over two years since her manifesto was first launched; surely, enough time has lapsed for the rest of us to have caught up?
The manifesto begins:

"We shall begin with a search for art, show that art gives culture and that culture is the antidote to propaganda.

– Dear Friends, We all love art and some of you claim to be artists. Without judges there is no art. She only exists when we know her. Does she exist? The answer to this question is of vital importance because if Art is alive the world will change. No Art, no progress."

Click to read the Guardian interview and listen to an audio clip of the Lady herself.

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