Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Polly and I went to the circus

Last week London was one great big fairground attraction. Here a fair, there a fair. Everywhere a fair...Under the Big Top in Regent's Park The Frieze Art Fair was being held. For those who are unaware Frieze is held every October. "It features over 150 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world. As well as these exhibitors, the Fair includes specially commissioned artists’ projects and an ambitious talks programme."
Well, I suppose, that's one way of looking at it. Another view could, quite possibly, be that of a freak show (normally a fabulous thing) of pretension and arrogance (neither of which is ever fabulous) that takes its self all too seriously? Hmm, possibly.
My humble opinion? In many cases, but not in all by any means, it is just a little too reminiscent of The Emperor's New Clothes. Which amazes me because of its cynicism, and surprises me at my lack of it.

One piece, however, that I did particularly like was
Medusa (below) by Tue Greenfort, represented by Johann Konig. It reminded me of the wonderful pieces done by Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka in the late 19Th Century; only this time with a message.

Medusa, Murano glass 2007

"The pink jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca is currently forming rapidly growing overpopulations. For lack of natural enemies such as turtles and tuna fish, whose populations have seriously decreased due to over-fishing and water pollution, as well as rising water temperatures which are ascribed to the climate change, it finds optimal reproduction conditions in European waters. Its function for the marine biology has been explored by natural history museums for a fairly long time by means of preparing exemplars in alcohol. Thanks to its aesthetic properties, glass reproductions of this species can be found in souvenir shops in many popular seaside resorts." Gallery description.
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Pigtown-Design said...

been there done that. thought the same as you. lots of poseurs!

you won the book! take a bow.