Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Derek Patmore

Here are some images from Derek Patmore's Colour Schemes for the Modern Home, published by Studio, New York 1933.
It does strike me as odd how a comparison of the two books is similar to the comparison of the two fabrics. Patmore is to Fauve, as Ionides is to Arbre de Matisse.

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The Peak of Chic said...

Is this your copy? Looks divine!

HOBAC said...

PoC, Not exactly - I just bought one this afternoon. While I was looking for a copy I found these images.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I have all of Patmore's design books and find them utterly fascinating period documents whose advice manages to remain utterly up-to-date and highly sensible. He writes well also. Bravo for your post. I do wish some smart publishing house would reprint his works.

HOBAC said...

Mitchell - They are wonderful and very entertaining.