Monday, 26 November 2007

Well kiddies...

Marie Laveau - Voodoo Queen of
New Orleans

None of the lovely things I wanted to post about seem to be springing forth. Instead, all I can think about are the things that are annoying me. So here we go.
Someone I have a great deal of regard for (this woman works like a Trojan) took the time to call and email me about a prospective client. She was just too busy to take on any new projects. So rather than let them spin in the wind, she suggested I should help them. Against my better judgement (these people bought Ligne Roset for their bedroom thinking it to be the epitome of modern), I dutifully followed up with a phone call and an email.
Guess what? Nothing. Not even a thanks, but no thanks. What a couple of ignorant @*%^s ! Who behaves like this? Mr and Mrs Ray Harriot of Bexley, Kent that's who. Mr and Mrs Ray Harriot of Bexley, Kent I hate you. Not, I might add, in a passionate Latin way, but rather in a disgusted French way.
Irrespective of the fact I know you won't read this.
A pox on your house, and on all who dwell in it.

A full moon, some chalk, a few black candles, a couple of live chickens, and we are all set... one pox and a little calamity coming up.

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Pigtown-Design said...

ohhhh... remind me to stay on your good side!

HOBAC said...

fairfax - Ha! you can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Oh how I've wanted to say the same thing to many prospective and active clients!! They can be so rude. Put a few bucks in their bank account and they think they own the world. You made me laugh my a$$ off. Thanks

HOBAC said...

Jackie von T - it's a giggle.

Pigtown-Design said...

have you seen this one:

it's right up your sartorial alley.

HOBAC said...

Fairfax - Looks good! Can't wait till I have a little time to go through it. Thanks!

Sam Suttie said...

Aaaa nothing like a good rant, I had a similar experience, went a hour out of town to see wealthly prospective clients, did an entire scheme for them, had to make a second trip to confirm certain things, went above an beyond they went on holiday. Sent my bill and they have been avoiding my calls & emails eversince. They live in an estate so I can't just knock at their door at nine in the evening with my baseball bat :( Just shocking!! I totally relate!

HOBAC said...

NuNu pepe - I'm sure karma will see you right. I'd lay money on it. If you are dealing with the type of ex-pats I know that have moved to Durban - poor you. They were a pain here, they must be monstrous out there. Keep the good fight, you will win.