Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Physician, heal thyself ?

Edward Hopper, Sun in an Empty Room

I too have a house in my head, as I believe do all of you. I might even have several. That is probably why I often get sidetracked and distracted when making choices for our own house. I loose sight of the house we are in and chose things that would be better suited to somewhere else. Should we, as decorators, decorate our own houses? After all, doctors don't treat themselves.
I would be very interested to know who you would choose to do your house and why? Or, is the thought of someone else doing your house unthinkable?

I know the architect I would want and be completely happy giving carte blanche to, Bobby McAlpine, founding principal of McAlpine Tankersley.
Past architect would have to be Luis Barragan.
Now, as for the decorator...hmm. Tricky. You show me yours first, then I'll show you mine.

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

wow -interesting thread!! As an architect -i can't possibly imagine anyone else doing my dream house -and I can't imagine hiring an interior designer either as they two seem so closely related to me. If i had to choose I suppose I could - Miles Redd for interior design....and I'll stop there -i can't possibly name an architect!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I like this question! I think your style is so personal that you are torn between wanting to do it yourself to accomplish your own vision (as a designer or creative person), yet at the same time, it is SO PERSONAL that you overthink sometimes, or get stuck trying to make the PERFECT choice on an emotional level. But, there are precious few I would ask for help. I think Charlotte Moss could help me.

Fun post!

Mrs. Blandings said...

This will be keeping me up tonight. I thought my answer would be Gambrel, but,'s so identifiable and I'd like it to be mine. Maybe what I would want is an intimate but lively dinner party with Gambrel, Hadley, Parish and Mariette Himes Gomez. Cocktails then consultation! I still look forward to the discovery myself. You have to tell us yours eventually; that's part of the deal.

HOBAC said...

Absolutely, Mrs B

katiedid said...

Gret question! I am having the same trouble myself right now. Architect: Robert Stern shingle, I also love Bobby MacAlpine. Designer: like Mrs Blandings, I would have to have that party with Michael Smith, Vicente Wolf, Betsy Burnham.....hmmm I know there are more.

Cote de Texas said...

McAlpine - good choice. God, for me, geez, let me think - dead - John Staulb, because I'm not moving and he was Houston's greatest, alive - probably Jack Arnold - don't laugh. Interior design - John Saladino, he's just the finest imo, hands down.

ok - spill- who would you let design your house????

An Aesthete's Lament said...

My DEAD architect would be the Atlanta genius Philip Trammell Shutze ... such glamorous houses with eccentric souls, and honestly, who can not fail to be moved by a 1920s Venetian Baroque-style villa in the middle of Atlanta? My LIVING architect would be the Spaniard Alberto Campo Baeza ... such soulful minimalist houses, utterly all one needs to live with, and the quality of light is astounding ...

The Peak of Chic said...

I'm with Mitchell- Shutze, or possibly Neel Reid (Shutze used to work for him).