Thursday, 3 January 2008

Lits de chien

His chin was resting on the toy prior to the appearance of the camera.
In spite of their disgraceful behaviour at Christmas, I think my ungrateful and uncooperative little bastards should have their own sofa (they already have their own chairs, Colefax & Fowler lined baskets, and ridiculously expensive Swedish floor cushions). These two look as if they would do quite nicely.

A Victorian oak hall seat, the pierced scrolled crest rail above button upholstered back over serpentine seat upon barley twist supports. Great for the foot of the bed.
Either in a Marvic Misa Moire Plain or a Moire Stripe, which is virtually indestructible, would be super on this.

A 17Th Century style sofa with drop arms, and it is certainly large enough for the two of them. They don't mind sharing; at least I did something right. I am thinking of a Clarence House epingle or a mohair for this. They do love a bit of mohair. Naturally.

Ellipse Dog Bed
Perfect for the more urban pooch and the more urban pooch owner.

Iron Asian Canopy Bed, a snip at $300.
Wonderful for that little lap dog that sensible people have.
For me though, this would work far better in lacquered carved wood (metal beds are a feng shui no-no) without the curly swirly corner flourishes, and with a fantastic Clarence House print on the cushion. Assuming of course, that one does not have school fees to worry about.


Pigtown-Design said...

I bought the dog a nice LLBean bed and all he does is humps it. So it's in the dump now. He does have a big quilt that he nests in.

Chin=cute. Camera=run.

The Peak of Chic said...

I'd like to come back in another life as one of your dogs! I've always liked those chic little upholstered dog houses that were used in various Colefax & Fowler projects. Alas, the breed I prefer is a bit too large for these precious little domiciles.

Calie Anderson said...

These images all brought a smile to my face. We bought our cat an electric blanket tent that she spends most hours of the day...suffering in.
Happy New Year!

HOBAC said...

calie anderson - a very Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to you too.

Evil Style Queen said...

Hey, I've found it!

Your dogs are very lucky indeed!

My Jack has a little Steiff bunny, the only thing he doesn't destroy. He, too, rests his chin on it, which always makes me want to weep.

I have taken it away lately though, for the fear that his totally uncultured son Jeremy will destroy it.

HOBAC said...

ESQ - I am constantly rescuing the toys from the garden. Ha!