Friday, 12 September 2008

More ways to waste time...

but in reality it is anything but a waste.

The David Weissman Collection
At long last, three of David Weissman's short films are available on DVD.

976 is a clever and engaging short spoof on phone sex, the style of 1990s 976 ads in light of AIDS, and one very creative alternative to the standard phone sex ad..."If you're tired of talking dirty and just want to talk dirt," then 976 will fill your every need.

Beauties Without a Cause, four lawless drag queens prepare for a night of light crime. A delirious moral comedy with compelling hairdos and an excitable soundtrack.

A frenzy of a film. Like all great American cinema, it's about our country's mythology: youth, speed, peroxide blondes and a car crash. - John Karr, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco

Song From an Angel is a poignant film about the final performance of Rodney Price, a popular San Francisco actor and dancer who, rail thin and seated in a wheelchair, bravely sings a jaunty tune about his own mortality--and even tap dances sitting down--a mere two weeks before his death from AIDS. Weissman's film captures the courage, honesty and humor that made Price a consummate performer even on the eve of his death.

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Visual Vamp said...

David Weissman is amazing. I am going to get these. Thanks for the heads up!