Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Artist in residence

Los Angeles based artist Scott Waterman very kindly sent a link to his work, here and here. I was captivated by the spaces, both past and present, in which he creates his work.

Studio, Los Angeles

Studio, Oakland

At one time I covered the windows in my Oakland studio with large paper cutouts. Actually, the window shades are muslin and paper. As this was a ground floor storefront, in what was a rough neighborhood when we first moved there, it was necessary to obscure the view.

San Francisco


The very last issue of the San Francisco weekend magazine, Image, featured my place as the cover story. Inside included this photograph of my workroom. This was the second bedroom of our Sunset flat, which functioned as office and guestroom. This room was thoroughly rearranged and published in other shelter magazines including Casa Vogue and House & Garden.

Our bath with slightly better than average painting on the walls and a gunnera leaf from our cutting garden (a.k.a. Golden Gate Park).

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Wannabe A said...

Hi. Aluche is an ugly working class area in Madrid, where I live. Is a tender joke about the people (i.e. me myself) who dream about getting some beauty in their limited lives.

Pigtown-Design said...

I love the window idea! And the huge leaves in tha bathroom are great. We had some tobacco leaves from the last crop at our farm in southern maryland.


Bart Boehlert said...

Love your blog, very beautiful. I see you are a fan of Diana Vreeland; I wrote about the great DV on my blog:

HOBAC said...

WA - sounds very Almodóvar, and quite divine. I'm thinking Rossy de Palma in ¡Átame!...

HOBAC said...

PD - have you seen the plant specimens done by the Agnelli's butler? Fabulous.

HOBAC said...

BB - thank you, I'll be sure to have a look.