Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Going up the dirty stairs

The Colony Room Club
41 Dean Street

The Colony Room Club, Soho from the series Society by Bridget Smith

Francis Bacon (one of the founding members of the Colony Room) - On Life, Death, and Gambling.

The Colony Room's taxi service

Founded in 1948 by the formidable Muriel Belcher in London's Soho. Its famous nicotine stained green walls have played host to not only great artists, but also to great characters for 60 years.

It's the club where Kate Moss did a stint as barmaid; Dylan Thomas threw up on the carpet and Princess Margaret popped in for a pink gin.

Today its existence is threatened.

The Colony is a living work of art, it's a tragedy what's happening. From Bacon to Beckett, Rimbaud to Rotten, the Colony must not be forgotten. - Sebastian Horsley

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Visual Vamp said...

What a shame. It's like closing the White Horse in New York, or The Napoleon House in New Orleans.
Hope they can hang on.
Thanks for the insight into a place many of us have never seen.
xo xo

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Figures... If they're going to bar the doors of every safe haven, maybe we should just reinstitute Gin Alley?