Friday, 21 November 2008

Heart of stone

Fossilised wood and scagliola table top.

Specimen mineral and scagliola table top.

Scagliola (from the Italian scaglia meaning chips) is the technique for giving architectural elements the finish of marble. Pigmented plaster, ground alabaster or gypsum, is modified with animal glue and applied to moulds or surfaces to mimic natural stone or marble.

As in the two examples above, it has been used to bind smaller natural inclusions into larger, uaseable, surfaces.

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Suzy said...

They're beautiful!

the quarter rat said...

Marvellous! I could see them as tops to either a Kent-esque or maybe a really over the top Empire table. Does anyone do work like this any more?

HOBAC said...

QR - must do, as both are brand new.

the quarter rat said...

That makes me very happy.