Sunday, 16 November 2008

Yankee know how



Lucinda's Theorem

Spring Flowers


Williamsons Fabrics of Greenwich, Connecticut.

I was once asked to do a rambling house near the water in New England. Even though I had absolutely no intention of doing the house, I could not resist planning the ultimate prep summer house. In part, the scheme included using Williamsons' fabrics which are fresh and full of good old fashioned Yankee know how.


Pigtown-Design said...

i would have to get out the sharpie marker and draw things in the empty plaques on the Adam pattern.

did ya get the book yet?

HOBAC said...

I thought that too - that's why I would have used it in the MB rather than the kids' rooms.}

Not yet, we have the worst post out here.

mamacita said...

I think that Spring Flowers needs to come home and live with me.

HOBAC said...

mamacita -it would look great in the Texas light.

BTW - re your humorless commment, you are my new hero. Fabulous.