Friday, 26 December 2008

More ways to waste time

The Servant (1963)

Based on the short story by Robin Maugham, with screenplay written by Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008). Directed by Joseph Losey. Staring Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig, James Fox, and Catherine Lacey.

It is rare to find a film which is both elegant and tough; corrosive yet compassionate; visually exciting and yet meaningful; brilliant and profound. Rarer still is the film which deals with moral problems on any but a superficial level. And that is why The Servant is a masterpiece. - Alexander Walker, the noted Evening Standard film critic.

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Paul Pincus said...

one of my favourite films! dirk bogarde is genius. always. i've had a crush on james fox forever. decades later as lord darlington in remains of the day he was as handsome as he was brilliant!

ps are you fan of the inspector lewis series? laurence fox (james' son) is very good as detective hathaway.

pps i hope you had a wonderful christmas.