Thursday, 18 December 2008

Speaking of Berlin

20 Reinhardstrasse

The newly added penthouse apartment of Christian Boros.

Boros Collection

The bunker was originally built in 1942 by Nazi architect Albert Speer as part of the Germania project. After the end of World War II, being in what would become the Soviet sector, the Russian army used it as a prison for captured German soldiers. After the fall of the Iron Curtain the building was used to store bananas, oranges, and other fruits imported from Cuba by East Germany. With the fall of the Wall, East Berlin became the centre of the city's party scene and The Bunker became one of the hottest places for wild techno raves and gay S&M parties. The last one being held in 1996. Since then, the bunker had stood empty.

In 2004 architects Jens Casper, Petra Petersson, and Andrew Strickland of the Berlin-based firm Realarchitektur began the renovation. This summer it opened to the public.

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