Tuesday, 6 January 2009


SalvadorDalí's Face of Mae West Which Can Be Used as an Apartment (instalation), c.1974

Stand at Portobello Road

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Mrs. Blandings said...

OK, so now I'm going to be one of the fanny-pack-wearing know nothings that you are trying to escape, but - what causes the differences in coloration on the tortoise shells? Is it the natural color of the shell or the elements? The blondish one is knocking my socks off.

Pigtown-Design said...

Gorgeous! I love the piece of backbone in the bottom picture.


Renee Finberg said...

you won't believe this ....i have this painting ( 30 ish x 40 ish ) re - pro done in oil or acrylic . i really can't tell.
it is ornately framed .
it is a hoot.

everyone thinks it's me ?????? LOL
because the hair is drapery, the eyes are framed , the nose-a mantel, the neck -steps, etc etc.
....and i am a designer

Paul Pincus said...

love it! amazing dalí!

ps did you receive my email?

HOBAC said...

Mrs B - you left out the tight perm.
For years the white shells (carapaces) have been erroneously called albino. In fact, they are the by-products of the soup and tortoiseshell industries. They were stripped of their plates and polished. Overtime, the darker areas are the discolouration of fat that was not thoroughly removed.

HOBAC said...

RF - how fun!

PP - must check my email. Thanks.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Forever grateful.